Match Report
St Hugh's School Girls-U13A vs  The One Hit Wonders
On: Saturday, 30 Jun 2018
Venue: at Home

A super game of Rounders.

The staff had been training for weeks and weeks and weeks for this match. Selection had been harsh and only the fittest, most agile, determined staff had been picked to represent the One Hit Wonders.

The girls were in fine form and despite a few rule changes to accommodate the staff, they were ready for action. The girls fielded first and the staff set about scoring rounders....which they did quite well thanks to Miss G who broke the sound barrier with her hits.

The second innings saw the girls score a plethora of rounders and the staff had to be on top form. Dr O was on such tip top topple over form that it required sheer gymnastic ability to return the ball.

The umpire lost the score card and so who knows who won, but one thing is for certain....the One Hit Wonders will be back!